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Broadcaster since 1981.
Master of Ceremonies/ Narratives for commercials and videos in English and Spanish.
On TV, it’s that friendly voice in the commercials of Lentes Transitions, Café Melita and TurbogásCofap. Listen.
Fábio Cirello has been working for over 20 years as host, actor and broadcaster for commercials on TV, radio and internet, as well as corporate videos for internal broadcasting, training, and for company presentation or project prospection.
Seasoned Master of Ceremonies, he hosts corporate events, workshops, seminars and company awards, with capacities in English, Spanish and Italian. Among his latest jobs as MC are Embraer’s Annual Suppliers Convention, the show of mentalist Marc Salem (both in English), the speech De volta para o futuro (Back to Future) for Tetrapak (in Spanish) and many other jobs in Portuguese. (See at VÍDEOS section)
The voice of Fábio Cirello is familiar on TV in national commercials of major brands: Lentes Transitions, Terra – Sonora, Cerveja Crystal, RBS TV and, on radio, Petrobrás and Ford Ranger.
He is majored in Business Administration (Marketing) at Fundação Getúlio Vargas and in Languages (Portuguese-Linguistics) at USP.
He started on the microphone of Band FM 96.1mHz in 1981 as broadcaster-DJ of the most famous radio rock of the epoch in São Paulo.
His first hit in the advertising field was the campaign “Turbogas Cofap, melhor amigo do carro… e do dono do carro” (“Turbogás Cofap the car’s best friend… and its owner’s”) – which took his smooth, whispering voice style to TV, cinema and radio (click VIDEOS).
Afterwards, the catchphrases “Dê férias aos seus pés, use Rider” (“Let your feet go on vacation, use Rider”) and many others became famous: Café Melita, Kaiser Bock, Itaú, Sadia, Sazon, and Garoto, which may be heard in the portfolio (click COMPLETE REPERTOIRE).
Cirello is the co-owner of Rock Memory Produções – a company established with a complete studio (based and mobile), last-generation equipment (microphones Neuman and Rode Macs with Logic Audio), serving companies, agencies, studios, audio/video producers and stations all over Brazil.
Getting a quote is easy: it can be done by telephone or email.
Clients and producers can direct or follow the recordings via internet and telephone.
Once the approved text is received here by email and the formalities fulfilled, normally the recording is sent on the same day.
A versatile and frequent jingle singer, he also commands the band Rock Memory, in São Paulo.
Founding partner of Clube da Voz, he was president from 2011 to 2014; now he is an advisor on the current board. Participant in boards 2, 3, 7, 8 and the current one.

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    Listen to a summary of all styles andFábio Cirello

  • Off em Inglês Presentation Intec Cargo

    Client: Intec

    Agency: Direto

    Audio Producer: Ouroboros Cine

  • Off em Inglês Motivational para Extra

    Client: Casino

    Agency: House

    Audio Producer: agenciabys

  • Voz em Inglês – V.O. Presentation Rhodia

    Client: Rhodia

    Agency: Babel

    Audio Producer: agenciabys

  • Voz em Inglês- V.O. Trailler para Vivo

    Client: Vivo

    Agency: Pingo no I

    Audio Producer: Trilha Original

  • Voz em Espanhol Universidade Federal de SP

    Client: Unifesp

    Agency: House Unifesp

    Audio Producer: -

  • Off em Italiano

    Client: EPA

    Agency: EPA

    Audio Producer: EPA Jr

  • Indústrias Gráficas Imprex. – Espera Telefônica Diferenciada

    Client: Indústrias Gráficas Imprex

    Agency: Indústrias Gráficas Imprex

    Audio Producer: Agencia BYS

  • Locução para TV Mellita

    Client: Melita

    Agency: House

    Audio Producer: Lua Nova


Voz Padrão canal Foodnetwork Brasil (Net 554)

Client Discovery Brasil

Agency House Miami

Video Producer House Miami

Audio Producer Aiupa Brasil


Voz emotiva para Itaú 3 Gerações

Client Banco Itaú

Agency W/Brasil

Video Producer Julio Xavier Filmes

Audio Producer Cardan


Paco Rabanne – Pure XS

Client Paco Rabanne Brasil

Agency Nacionalização

Video Producer Nacionalização

Audio Producer Latina Estudio


Voz em Inglês para Vibe Electrics

Client TrepCamp 2019

Agency Trepcamp 2 2019

Video Producer Trepcamp 2 2019

Audio Producer RockMe


Voz em Inglês para Video institucional Bunzl

Client Bunzl

Agency Multisolution

Video Producer Raio X Filmes

Audio Producer Raio X Filmes


Voz Serena para Rede D’ Or S. Luiz

Client Rede D' Or S.Luiz Hospitais

Agency House Rede D' Or

Video Producer House Rede D' Or

Audio Producer House Rede D' Or


Voz em Espanhol para Siemens Syngo

Client Siemens

Agency Agencia Nuts

Video Producer Agencia Nuts

Audio Producer Agencia Nuts


BMW X5 Hibrid

Client BMW Brasil

Agency Ogilvy

Video Producer Studio Great

Audio Producer Argila Produções


Off em Espanhol e Inglês para Skol

Client Skol

Agency F / Nazca

Video Producer Abacateiro Filmes

Audio Producer Abacateiro Filmes


Ator em Comercial Clássico Arisco Co-co-ri-cór

Client Arisco

Agency W Brasil

Video Producer Frame

Audio Producer Cardan


(Português) Voz Ufanista para Decolar.com

Client decolar.com

Agency Mood

Video Producer Black Door

Audio Producer Black Door


(Português) Voz Original para ASUS

Client ASUS

Agency nacionalização direto

Video Producer Take 5

Audio Producer Take 5


(Português) Voz Original para ASUS 1

Client ASUS

Agency nacionalização direto

Video Producer Take 5

Audio Producer Take 5


(Português) Voz Original para ASUS 2

Client ASUS

Agency Nacionalização direto na produtora

Video Producer Take 5

Audio Producer Take 5


Locutor Fabio Cirello para Brasil Parkinson

Client Associação Brasil Parkinson

Agency Cliente direto

Video Producer Eureka TV

Audio Producer Eureka TV


Locutor Fabio Cirello para Aldeia Praia Park com Ivete Sangalo

Client Aldeia Praia Park

Agency Intermarket

Video Producer House Intermarket

Audio Producer Agencia BYS


Locutor Fabio Cirello para Banco do Brasil Manifesto Estilo

Client Banco do Brasil

Agency BSB

Video Producer Me Gusta Filmes

Audio Producer Argila Music


Hotel St. Andrews Gramado

Client Hotel St. Andrews Gramado

Agency DLight

Video Producer Digital Light

Audio Producer -


Locutor Fabio Cirello para Rota Elly – O Cobalto

Client Rotta Elly

Agency DLight

Video Producer Digital Light

Audio Producer -


Off em Inglês – Odebrecht Central Vila Olímpia

Client Odebrecht

Agency DLight

Video Producer Digital Light

Audio Producer -


Fabio Cirello para Cimentos Votoran

Client Votoran

Agency e1

Video Producer Cine Filmes

Audio Producer Radioativa


Fábio Cirello para AES Eletropaulo

Client AES Eletropaulo

Agency Dim & Canzian

Video Producer Brasileira Filmes

Audio Producer Estúdio Angels


Pilot – Pilote Uma Pilot

Client Pliot Pen do Brasil

Agency Open'Árt Publicidade

Video Producer TudoBem Filmes

Audio Producer Lógico!


Sonora – A Música está conectada

Client Terra Networks S.A.

Agency DM9DDB

Video Producer Jonathan Post.

Audio Producer Zeeg 2


Locução para TurboGas Cofap

Client TurboGas Cofap

Agency W Brasil

Video Producer Julio Xavier Filmes

Audio Producer Estudio Cardan


Atuação para TV Banese

Client Banco do Estado de Sergipe

Agency Ampla

Video Producer Ampla SE

Audio Producer Ampla Sergipe


Palestra/Atuação em Espanhol e Inglês

Client Tetrapak

Agency Samba Pro

Video Producer Omnicom

Audio Producer -


Mestre de Cerimônias em Português e Inglês

Client Ten Yad

Agency FC

Video Producer FC

Audio Producer FC


Locução para Lentes Transitions

Client Lentes Transitions

Agency Full Jazz

Video Producer Cinema Centro

Audio Producer Rítmika Audio Arts