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Graduate in Business Administration at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Performing Arts at Teatro Escola Célia Helena, and Broadcasting at Senac, Simone Kliass has been working for over 15 years as host and reporter for open channels, pay TV, and corporate.
Simone is also Master of Ceremonies, and her latest jobs include events for: Itaú, Novelis, NEOTV, Suvinil, Stihl, Voith e Scneider Electric.
As broadcaster, Simone has recorded hundreds of voice-overs for companies such as Microsoft, Nivea, McDonald’s, Unilever, Philips, Nissan and Johnson’s, among others. She has her own studio with Neumann U87 and TLM 103, Sennheiser MKH 416, and Audio-Technica 4047/SV microphones. Customers may follow the recording by telephone or Skype, being the sound files sent via FTP, normally on the same day.

Full Sample

  • Full Sample

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  • Coloquial

    Client: Airbnb, Honda, Danone, Trivago, Galaxy, Nissan

    Agency: Lew' Lara TBWA, Young Brasil, Young & Rubicam Barcelona, Cheil

    Audio Producer: Lime, Raw Audio, Raw, Punch, Shuffle, Comando S

  • Clássico

    Client: Delboni, Johnson's Baby, Avon, Carrefour, Downy, Hipoglós, Neutrogena, SBP

    Agency: Artplan, J. Walter Thompson, Publicis, Grey, Grey Global, DM9DDB, Havas Brasil

    Audio Producer: DaHouse, Angel's, Soup, Comando S Audio, B.A. Start, Jamute, Comando S

  • SKY

    Client: SKY

    Agency: Blues

    Audio Producer: Blues, Viralata

  • Repertório Institucionais

    Client: Coca-Cola, Itaú, Clinique, Go Daddy, Hoganas

    Agency: Novacia

    Audio Producer: Kung Fu, Novacia, Back to Back

  • Repertório de URA

    Client: Gru Airport, Nextel, Globo.com, Walmart, Ambev

    Agency: Zanna Sound

    Audio Producer: Zanna Sound, Tentáculo


Criança Esperança 2020

Client Globo

Agency Globo

Video Producer Globo

Audio Producer Globo


Latam – E você, qual o seu próximo voo?

Client LATAM Airlines

Agency Graphene

Video Producer O2 Filmes

Audio Producer Mandril Audio


Tang Brasil – TANG, o futuro não vem pronto

Client Tang

Agency David SP

Video Producer Hogarth + 2020 Films

Audio Producer Jamute


Americanas – A Liquidação

Client Americanas

Agency WMcCann

Video Producer Visorama

Audio Producer Raw Audio


Quem Disse Berenice – Paleta Bronze

Client Quem Disse Berenice

Agency Santa Clara

Video Producer Wolf Wolf

Audio Producer DaHouse Audio


Mês das Mulheres

Client Globosat

Agency GNT

Video Producer GNT

Audio Producer GNT


Sesi – Brasil mais forte

Client Sesi

Agency Low Fat

Video Producer Estúdio Zero um

Audio Producer Audio Ink


Bonafont Água Leve – Viva Detox

Client Danone

Agency Young & Rubicam Barcelona

Video Producer La Casa de La Madre

Audio Producer Punch Audio


Viva Lá

Client Airbnb

Agency Lew´LaraTBWA

Video Producer RSA

Audio Producer Lime


Mesmo DNA Galaxy, Nova Atitude

Client Samsung

Agency Cheil

Video Producer Nacionalização

Audio Producer Shuffle Audio



Client Avon

Agency J. Walter Thompson

Video Producer Paranoid

Audio Producer Soup


Faz na Sua

Client Carrefour

Agency Publicis

Video Producer Sentimental Filmes

Audio Producer Comando S Áudio


Neutrogena Nuvem

Client Johnson & Johnson

Agency DM9DDB

Video Producer Paranoid

Audio Producer Jamute


Simone Kliass para Trivago

Client Trivago

Agency Nacionalização

Video Producer Nacionalização

Audio Producer Nacionalização


Simone Kliass para Clinique

Client Clinique

Agency Nacionalização

Video Producer Nacionalização

Audio Producer Back to Back


(Português) Cada Vez Melhor, Por Você

Client Delboni

Agency Artplan

Video Producer Sanfona Filmes

Audio Producer Da House Audio


Vídeo de Segurança Latam

Client Latam

Agency Nacionalização

Video Producer Tronco

Audio Producer Soundthinkers


Hipoglós – I Love You Baby

Client Hipoglós

Agency Grey Global

Video Producer O2

Audio Producer B, A, Start!


Honda PCX – Executivo

Client Honda

Agency Young Brasil

Video Producer Prodigo Films

Audio Producer Raw Audio


Banco Itaú – Itaú Personnalité LiveInvest

Client Banco Itaú

Agency Novacia

Video Producer Novacia

Audio Producer Novacia


Locução para Personal Baby

Client Personal Baby

Agency Talent

Video Producer Cine

Audio Producer Atakk


Grendene – Barbie Sonho Fashion

Client Grendene

Agency WMcCann

Video Producer Menina

Audio Producer Menina