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Broadcaster and presenter, she has an educational background as actress and is graduated in Advertising and Marketing.

She started at Radio Band News FM, in 2006. Between 2010 and 2017, she worked at the two major radio stations in Rio de Janeiro: At JB FM, she stood out as the station’s sole feminine voice, apart from presenting the traditional program “Couvert Artístico JB FM”, where she interviewed great names of the Brazilian music; At FM O Dia, she was the station’s standard voice. 

She participated in great events as broadcaster of Coca-Cola FM. They were: Rock In Rio 2013, 2014 World Cup in Brazil and 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Presently, she is part of the team of presenters of Nova Rádio Globo, with one daily program, and another weekly, both in domestic network. On TV, she was the first official feminine voice of GNT channel, creating the concept of the channel’s broadcasting.

Working as broadcaster for over 10 years, she records many advertising commercials, institutional videos, and documentaries, among others. As presenter, she has experience in TV, music festivals and corporate events. She owns a home studio and offers sound designing service.

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    Client: Vários

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Apresentadora Rafa Ferraz – The Voice Brasil

Client Rádio Globo / TV Globo

Agency Direto

Video Producer Clube Midia

Audio Producer Clube Midia


Medley – Sleep Radio

Client Medley

Agency Movie Machine

Video Producer Movie Machine

Audio Producer Movie Machine


Rafa Ferraz para Mediclick

Client Mediclick

Agency Clube Mídia

Video Producer Clube Mídia

Audio Producer Clube Mídia


Rafa Ferraz para Maratona do Rio

Client Maratona do Rio

Agency Dream Factory

Video Producer Bluemoon KN

Audio Producer Bluemoon KN


Rafa Ferraz para Comgás

Client Comgás

Agency Liga Design

Video Producer Fonte Fx

Audio Producer Fonte Fx


Rafa Ferraz para Instituto Desiderata

Client Instituto Desiderata

Agency MZ3

Video Producer MZ3

Audio Producer MZ3


SC Johnson – Promoção Experts em Proteção

Client SC Johnson

Agency Estúdio Berinjela

Video Producer Estúdio Berinjela

Audio Producer Estúdio Berinjela


Rafa Ferraz para Eletromídia

Client Eletromídia

Agency Martin Luz

Video Producer MLuz Produções

Audio Producer MLuz Produções


Chamada GNT – Gastronomia

Client GNT

Agency GNT

Video Producer GNT

Audio Producer GNT


Chamada Sessão GNT

Client GNT

Agency GNT

Video Producer GNT

Audio Producer GNT


Perfume L’Extase by Nina Ricci

Client Nina Ricci

Agency Puig

Video Producer Latina

Audio Producer Beat


Aniversário SuperPrix Supermercado

Client SuperPrix Supermercado

Agency QJ Comunicação

Video Producer Planeta Vídeo

Audio Producer Planeta Vídeo


Condomínio Reserva de Aldeia Maggiore

Client Condomínio Reserva de Aldeia Maggiore

Agency Perceptiva Publicidade

Video Producer MZ3

Audio Producer MZ3


Beleza Integrada Senac

Client Senac

Agency Drive Filmes

Video Producer Drive Filmes

Audio Producer Drive Filmes


Vigilantes do Peso Express

Client Vigilantes do Peso

Agency Casa da Criação

Video Producer Viralata

Audio Producer Viralata


Documentário “Redescobrindo a Mata Atlântica”

Client Instituto Últimos Refúgios

Agency Instituto Últimos Refúgios

Video Producer Instituto Últimos Refúgios

Audio Producer Instituto Últimos Refúgios

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