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Actress and broadcaster, she has diversity as her trade mark: she played in the comedy Toalete by Walcyr Carrasco and remained playing for years with the awarded children’s Peter Pan e Wendy of Cia Le Plat du Jour, at the same time that she worked in plays of Club Noir such as Depressões and Sete.

She has a Theater Company, La Plongée, being at play with it since 2012. Her ample work as an actress in theater, TV and cinema facilitates the creation of voices for characters, and increases the possibility of seeking distinct forms of shaping the voice while creating the signatures of products.

She is the official feminine voice of channel HBO Plus and of the program Que seja doce of GNT.
She created the original voice of the witch Anoréxica of Zuzubalândia for Cartoon Network, as well as those of many cartoons of TV Ratimbum. In the advertising area, she has already recorded for brands like: Nivea, Bradesco, Whiskas, Panco, Tam, Neosaldina, Natura, Carrefour, Tok&Stok, Graacc, Bis, Red Bull, Turma da Mônica, Ipiranga, SpaceCross, Honda, Sedex, among others.
She has availability to record in her high-quality Home Studio.

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  • Bradesco Spot

    Client: Bradesco

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    Audio Producer: S de Samba

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Ouço Vozes | Antoniela Canto

Ouço Vozes – T3:E9 | Antoniela Canto