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Graduate in Radio and TV in 2004 from UNESP – Bauru, he has been working as professional commercial broadcaster for over 12 years. He recorded his voice in hundreds of spots, VTs, films for the internet, OEDs (Digital Educational Objects), URAs, for clients and campaigns of great expression, like Federal Government, Itaú, Correios, Tigre, Sebrae, Itambé, Toyota, and Skol, among many others.

He has his own home studio and, consequently, plenty of agility in the delivery of the material.

Full Sample

  • Full Sample

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  • Repertório Locução Institucional

    Client: Unimed, Axado, Philips, Prefeitura de Belo Horizonte, Mapbiomas, Quod Cadastro Positivo

    Agency: várias

    Audio Producer: Várias

  • Repertório Coloquial/Natural

    Client: Murilo Gun, Minuto Seguros, MEC, Governo Federal, Locaweb

    Agency: Keep Learning School, Direto, Escala, Tiki

    Audio Producer: Keep Learning School, MOL, Audiotech, Clint Studio

  • Repertório Locução Caricata e Original Personagem

    Client: Immaginarium, Tim, Sicoob, Creme Mel, Shopping Uberlândia, Tramontina, Oscar

    Agency: Várias

    Audio Producer: Várias

  • Repertório Locução Jovem

    Client: Vivo, Cup Noodles, Eletrobrás, Bob's, Guaraná Antártica, Nestlé

    Agency: Várias

    Audio Producer: Várias

  • URA – Autopass

    Client: Autopass

    Agency: Direto

    Audio Producer: DNK


Hapvida Saúde – Faça sua Teleconsulta

Client Hapvida

Agency Bolero

Video Producer Terra à Vista

Audio Producer Terra à Vista


Prefeitura de Salvador

Client Prefeitura de Salvador

Agency BTS Comunicação

Video Producer Luzeiro Filmes

Audio Producer Bom Pra Caramba


Moviecom Cinemas

Client Moviecom Cinemas

Agency Direto

Video Producer ParaRaio Filmes

Audio Producer Prodígio


The Outback Journey

Client Outback

Agency Íonz

Video Producer Íonz

Audio Producer Íonz


Polícia Rodoviária Federal

Client Polícia Rodoviária Federal

Agency Leo Burnett

Video Producer Fábrika Filmes

Audio Producer Estúdio Audiotech


Itaú Empresas

Client Itaú

Agency Estúdio MOL

Video Producer Estúdio MOL

Audio Producer Estúdio MOL



Client Itambé

Agency Founders

Video Producer A Criatura

Audio Producer A Criatura


Ministério da Defesa – Campanha 2016

Client Governo Federal - Ministério da Defesa

Agency Leo Burnett

Video Producer Brókolis

Audio Producer Audiotech


Blend Barba de Respeito

Client Barba de Respeito

Agency Capital Creative (Brusque)

Video Producer Clint Studio

Audio Producer Clint Studio


Que Filhos?

Client Murilo Gun

Agency Direto

Video Producer Keep Learning School

Audio Producer Keep Learning School, MOL, Audiotech, Clint Studio


Governo Federal | MEC

Client Ministério da Educação

Agency Escala

Video Producer Lunera

Audio Producer Audiotech



Client Easynvest

Agency Direto

Video Producer Histeria

Audio Producer Jacarandá