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Working as a broadcaster since 2005, 5 of which as audio editor at Estúdio Mellancia, of producer and D.J. Maestro Billy, he recorded his first broadcasting for Heineken, in the project Rádio Heineken, starting the presence of the brand on Brazilian internet.
Since then, his trajectory includes works performed for major brands like Santander, TIM, Heineken, Rexona, Bobs, Petrobrás, Audi, Zeiss, Motorola, Philips, Bic, Trident, 3 Corações, Iveco, Estadão, Outback, Ajinomoto, IBM…
With experience in editing, he manages to deliver his jobs with quality and speed, recorded in his home studio.

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  • (Português) Repertório: Clássica

    Client: Zeiss, Hospital Edmundo Vasconcelos, Brasoftware

    Agency: Estilo, Cliente direto

    Audio Producer: VDS, Estúdio Pigmento, Arsenal Filmes

  • (Português) Repertório: Institucional

    Client: Ágil Frete, Audi, Bobs, IVECO, Sage, Vyttra, Zeiss

    Agency: Rockset, Hotshop Group, Estilo

    Audio Producer: Estúdio Pigmento, Rockset, VDS, Combo Filmes, VDS

  • (Português) Repertório: Natural

    Client: IBM, Prefeitura de São Paulo, 3 Corações, SKY, Motorola, Som Livre, Trident

    Agency: Ogilvy, nova s/b, Freela, MullenLowe Brasil, F/ Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

    Audio Producer: Banda Sonora, Audioman, Saxsofunny, Boddah, Deeper, Eng9, Cine, Boddah, O2, TCB Conteúdo

  • (Português) Repertório: Varejo

    Client: Trident

    Agency: F/ Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

    Audio Producer: Eng9

  • (Português) Repertório: Voz Original

    Client: SKY

    Agency: FCB Brasil

    Audio Producer: Saxsofunny