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Eric Santos has graduated in Advertising at Puc-Campinas University.
He was a partner at studio Fábrica do Som and hosted radio shows at 89FM (A Radio Rock) in São Paulo for 10 years.
Eric is the voice of Santander’s call center in Brazil.
He is also the official voice of radio stations 98 FM in Belo Horizonte and Beach Park FM in Fortaleza and of TV channels TLC and Discovery World.
As a songwriter, Eric Santos released the CDs “Sem Final” in 2011, “Santo Bandido” in 2014 and “A vida não é só” in 2018.

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  • URA Santander

    Client: Santander - Super linha

    Agency: Genesys

    Audio Producer: Genesys

  • Locução para Cultura Inglesa

    Client: Cultura Inglesa

    Agency: Script

    Audio Producer: Eduardo Souto Neto

  • Locução para Casas Bahia

    Client: Casas Bahia

    Agency: Young&Rubican

    Audio Producer: A Voz do Brasil

  • Locução para Listerine

    Client: Johnson & Johnson


    Audio Producer: A Voz do Brasil

  • Locução para Oral B

    Client: Oral B


    Audio Producer: Lua Nova

  • Locução para Telefonica / Cartões Bradesco

    Client: Telefônica, Bradesco

    Agency: DM9, Grey

    Audio Producer: MCR, A Voz do Brasil

  • GM – Professor Manu-tenção

    Client: GM

    Agency: McCann

    Audio Producer: Angels

  • Locução para Siemens

    Client: Siemens

    Agency: McCann

    Audio Producer: Baticum