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Pioneer of Clube da Voz, he is voiceover announcer / narrator in institutional and training videos, presentations, events and URAS, in English, Spanish and Italian.
Brands such as Itaú, BMW, Rede d’Or, Coca-Cola, Rider, Shopping Morumbi, Boticario, Whiskas, Cofap, Pacco Rabane, Banco do Brasil Estilo, Café Melitta, Lentes Transitions are in his portfolio. On television, he is the official voice of FoodNetwork channel, at Discovery network’s

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  • Repertório Inglês Demo Reel

    Client: Vivo, Huawei, Skol, Bunzl

    Agency: várias

    Audio Producer: várias

  • (Español) Repertório Espanhol Demo Reel

    Client: Skol, Siemens, Gasparim

    Agency: várias

    Audio Producer: várias

  • Off em Italiano

    Client: EPA

    Agency: EPA

    Audio Producer: EPA Jr

  • Indústrias Gráficas Imprex. – Espera Telefônica Diferenciada

    Client: Indústrias Gráficas Imprex

    Agency: Indústrias Gráficas Imprex

    Audio Producer: Agencia BYS

  • Locução para TV Mellita

    Client: Melita

    Agency: House

    Audio Producer: Lua Nova

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