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Maria Paula Uchôa is an actress, broadcaster and presenter.

She has a degree in Journalism from the University Integrated Alcantara Machado (Fiam / SP), in theater and TV from the Wolf Maya School of Actors, as a newscaster and TV program for Senac / SP and as a radio broadcaster for Rádioficina.

She began her modeling career at eighteen. She has participated in advertising campaigns and, as an actress, has starred in TV commercials such as “The Enchanted World of Chevrolet Facilities” and starred in the “Bogeyman” series on FX.​​

She was hired in 2013 to join the journalism team of Jovem Pan radio in São Paulo, as announcer and presenter. For six years she shared the Jornal da Manhã stand with journalists such as Joseval Peixoto, Rachel Sheherazade, Marco Antonio Villa and presented the news “Pan News”. She also lent his voice to Jovem Pan FM recording vignettes, calls, programetes and commercials.

“She is recognized for being the first Jornal da Manhã announcer in the history of Jovem Pan AM radio.”

She was the official voice of Gol Smiles’ telephone service (URA) for five years. As an advertising announcer, she has worked on radio and TV for: Petrobras, Microsoft, Chilli Beans, O Boticário, Carrefour, Federal Government, Delta Air Lines, UNHCR, among others.

In 2017 she joined the Voice Club, Association of Professional Speakers.

In 2019 she was hired by Band News TV, as a journalist and presenter.​

She also has a home studio.

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  • Petrobrás

    Client: Petrobrás

    Agency: Heads

    Audio Producer: Ritmika

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    Client: M Dias Branco

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  • (Português) APP Jovem Pan

    Client: Jovem Pan

    Agency: Jovem Pan

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    Client: Governo de SC

    Agency: Exit

    Audio Producer: Fujii Adio

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