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Graduate in performing arts from Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena, and in broadcasting from SENAC, Ana Paula Faria is the feminine voice of HBO Family channel, URA, BRF (Sadia and Perdigão), of Mundo Verde stores, stand in of Walmart’s wholesale broadcasting.

She was the voice of Cinemax HBO channel’s programs between 2013and 2015 and narrated 32 programs about Maternity and Fashion & Beauty for GNT (Globosat) channel.

She has recorded institutional videos, plus TV, Radio and Internet commercials for companies like: Google, Danone, Mapfre, Globo,
Renault, Vivo, Comfort, Visa, Claro, Perdigão, Pepsico, TIM, Itaú, Riachuelo, Nestlé, Natura, Marisa, Sadia, O Boticário, Porto Seguro,
and many others of the same importance.

Ana Paula has a top-quality home studio, with Neumman TLM 103 microphone and Focusrite interface. Apart from fast delivery, it is possible to follow the recordings through Skype or Facetime.

Full Sample

  • Full Sample

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  • Repertório Inglês Ana Paula Faria

    Client: Avianca, Netflix, Amstel

    Agency: Variados

    Audio Producer: Variados

  • Repertório Narração / Institucional Ana Paula Faria

    Client: Coca Cola, Pop Credicard (Itaú), Fiat, Natura

    Agency: Variados

    Audio Producer: Hogarth, Satelite, Liquo, Estricnina

  • Repertório Varejo / Promocional Ana Paula Faria

    Client: Riachuelo, Volskwagen, Casas Bahia, Walmart

    Agency: Variados

    Audio Producer: Raw Audio, A Voz do Brasil, TRIO

  • Repertório Natural / Conversado Ana Paula Faria

    Client: Coca Cola, Boticario, O.B, Seara e Avon

    Agency: Variados

    Audio Producer: Liquo, Raw Audio, Hogarth, Boogieman, Satelite

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