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Ana Paula is an accomplished multimedia professional, presenting a creative and versatile voice over work, resulted from the acting background acquired in New York and Brazil.
Today, she is the official announcer for Infraero’s Brazilian Airports, for HBO Family Brazil cable network, the voice for Dove Brazil, and for Americanas Store’s TV commercials
She has worked in radio, and nowadays is the voice for many TV and radio Spots, Industrials, Digital videos, and Telephone Systems.
As an actress, she has studied drama and worked on Off Broadway in New York. In Brazil, Ana worked with Antunes Filho, acted in soap operas and in many TV commercials.
She also works as Master of Ceremonies in corporate events all over Brazil, integrating her foreign language expertise with her acting attributes.
Ana is a Translation and Interpreting graduate from Alumni, having worked mainly in Simultaneous Interpretation conferences.

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  • Vale Identity Insdustrial

    Client: Vale

    Agency: Vale

    Audio Producer: Vale

  • Narração Revista Supermercado

    Client: Revista Super Mercado Moderno

    Agency: .

    Audio Producer: .

  • Inglês Personagem

    Client: Kaiser, Sesc, Telefônica

    Agency: Várias

    Audio Producer: Várias

  • (Português) URA

    Client: Telesp Celular, Telefônica, Acess, Vivo.

    Agency: .

    Audio Producer: Echos Studios, Echos

  • Promocional

    Client: Marisa, Hucklandia / OI, Ponto Frio


    Audio Producer: Voz do Brasil, Umbrella Studios, Friends

  • Institucional

    Client: AACD

    Agency: AACD

    Audio Producer: Echos

  • Coloquial

    Client: Nesfit Nestle, Le Postiche

    Agency: Várias

    Audio Producer: Quinquinlharia, Echos

  • Clássicas

    Client: Bohemia, Citroen, Itaú Seguros, Revista Cláudia, Nivea

    Agency: .

    Audio Producer: Tesis, Angels, Echos

  • Caricatas / Imitação

    Client: Embrapa, Governo Federal

    Agency: .

    Audio Producer: Echos, Play It Again

  • Espanhol

    Client: Nutricerou, Adoçante Assugrin, Tam, Correios

    Agency: .

    Audio Producer: Angels, Farol Filmes, Play It Again

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