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Majored in Advertising/Marketing and Journalism.
He started his career at 17, at Rádio Difusora, in the city of Catanduva. Afterwards, he worked at Rádio Ribeirão Preto, Excelsior, Capital, Transamérica, Ômega and Grupo Bandeirantes.
Voice of HBO, FOX Films, and Warner Bros cinema releases.

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    Client: Pepsi, Chevrolet, EletroBrás, Rede Globo, Malboro, HBO

    Agency: .

    Audio Producer: Tesis, S de Samba, Nova Onda, Bongô

  • Repertório Promocional

    Client: Chevrolet, Toyota

    Agency: .

    Audio Producer: S de Samba, Play It Again

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