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Was broadcaster of promos at REDE GLOBO (nationwide) for 11 years (1975 to 1986).
Ronam was narrator of REDE GLOBO’s program FANTÁSTICO from 1984 to 1986.
He worked as TV newscaster of Agrojornal at TV BANDEIRANTES.
He performed as promo broadcaster during the first year of ESPN, and at CANAL RURAL.
He was broadcaster, newscaster, promos broadcaster and host of programs at Radios CAPITAL/BANDEIRANTES/GLOBO.
Presently, he produces narrations for DISCOVERY Channel-Brasil and records broadcastings for FOX + Brasil.

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  • Repertório Clássicas

    Client: HI-FI SHOW, SBT, ITA, Hotel Dona Carolina

    Agency: Várias

    Audio Producer: Reference, Mídia MIX

  • Repertório Institucional

    Client: FAHZ, Casas Bahia, Discovery, Goodyear, Poyry

    Agency: FAHZ, Casas Bahia, Discovery, Goodyear, Poyry

    Audio Producer: Reference

  • Repertório Promocional

    Client: PFMSP, FIAT

    Agency: Várias

    Audio Producer: Várias

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