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Actor in musicals like The Phantom of The Opera, Chicago, and The Beauty and The Beast, among a dozen other productions. On TV, he played roles in soap operas and series like “O Negócio” (HBO), “Psi” (HBO) and “Marisol” (SBT), plus over 100 TV advertisigments. By working as dubber, he added versatility to the interpretation, which he uses in voice-overs. A young, mature, conversational, professional, or caricature tone; in standard, institutional and retail voice-overs. He has a home studio, which allows speeding up the work.

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  • (Português) Repertório Clássica

    Client: Rede, Nokia, Boticário, HP, Copagaz, Ford, Turma da Mónica, AACD, BNDES

    Agency: DPZ, Wunderman, Neogama, Z+, JWT, It's Digital, Agnelo

    Audio Producer: Trahlahlah, Tesis, Enoise, Coletiva, Shuffle, Saxsofunny

  • (Português) Repertório Coloquial

    Client: Azul, Bradesco, Claro, Governo Ceará, Lipton, Oi, PMDB

    Agency: Y&R, Ogilvy, Funnyhow, Midia Brasil, AlmapBBDO

    Audio Producer: Coletiva, Audiobutique, Lógico, Toda Onda, Tesis

  • (Português) Repertório Varejo

    Client: Carrefour, Caçula de Pneus

    Agency: Leo Burnett, REF

    Audio Producer: Enoise, Lógico

  • (Português) Repertório URA

    Client: Inpev, Pamplona

    Agency: Inpev, Pamplona

    Audio Producer: Songaudio, One Voice

  • (Português) Repertório Institucional

    Client: CRM, Inteligene, ISat

    Agency: DM9, Inteligene

    Audio Producer: Songaudio, Shuffle, TVG

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Ouço Vozes | Roberto Rocha

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