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The natural style and the conversational young tone are the mark of his work, developed during over 20 years of dubbing activities (1990-2010, also as director) and enhanced in 10 years of advertising broadcasting. His versatility is well known in the market, with intimate, emotional pieces, as well as informative, institutional, relaxed, and humorous, also including motivational and hard sell. He voices the scrypt in a simple, frank and direct way, with credibility and charisma, without vices or out-of-purpose nuances. Home studio.

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  • DM9DDB – Perfis Digigráficos

    Client: DM9DDB

    Agency: DM9DDB

    Audio Producer: Trahlahlah

  • Itaú – Como organizar seus gastos e cortar desperdícios

    Client: Banco Itaú

    Agency: DM9DDB

    Audio Producer: Cream Studio

  • Cobalt

    Client: Chevrolet

    Agency: WMcCann

    Audio Producer: Loud

  • Claro

    Client: Claro

    Agency: F/Nazca

    Audio Producer: Tesis

  • VW-Fox 2007

    Client: VW

    Agency: Almap

    Audio Producer: Hilton Raw

  • Sony Ericsson celular

    Client: Sony Ericsson

    Agency: Talent

    Audio Producer: Tesis

  • Oi – Lançamento

    Client: Oi - 2008

    Agency: Royale

    Audio Producer: Tesis

  • Sebrae

    Client: Sebrae

    Agency: Lew'Lara/TBWA

    Audio Producer: Mugshot

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