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Radio broadcaster since 1978, he worked at various radio and TV stations. Among which Manchete FM, Rádio e TV Cultura de São Paulo, Eldorado FM, and Nova Brasil FM. Presently, he is producer and anchor of the news program of Transamérica FM network (First Program). He performs in the advertising market since 1986, having produced in excess of 10 thousand jobs as broadcaster for various media, like radio, TV, internet, cinema, telephone, and internal broadcasting. He narrates institutional and motivational videos, product launching and internal campaigns. Irineu also works in events as host, moderator, lecturer and Master of Ceremonies in corporate events, as well as host of government protocol and of entities. He Interpreted texts of Livro Insight ( 2 volumes), which sold in excess of 200 thousand copies of double CDs in ten years, one of the biggest cases in this format. Founding partner of Clube da Voz. Author of the motivational book “Feliz Dia Novo” (Happy New Day), based on motivational messages broadcasted on his radio program.

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    Client: Livraria Cultura

    Agency: Direto

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