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Edinho Moreno is the Voice of commercials Mastercard in Brazil (Priceless.).
Presently, he records promos at FOX Channel Brazil, FX Channel Brazil and Sky.
Voice of various documentaries exhibited on Discovery Channel.
Founding partner of Clube da Voz, he was its president for once.

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  • Samsung Ultra HD Curva

    Client: Samsung

    Agency: Leo Burnet

    Audio Producer: Punch

  • Governo Federal – Banco do Nordeste

    Client: Governo Federal - Banco do Nordeste

    Agency: N/A

    Audio Producer: Lógico

  • Locução para Semp Toshiba

    Client: Semp Toshiba

    Agency: NA

    Audio Producer: A Voz do Brasil

  • Locução para Mastercard Maestro /McDonalds

    Client: Mastercard/McDonalds

    Agency: McCann

    Audio Producer: Baticum

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