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​Presently works at Rádio Energia 97 FM and commands the program of Palhacinho.

​Participates in the program Energia na Véia, playing the voice of the Véia and is part of Estádio 97 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

​Graduate from SENAC (Broadcasting course) in 1986. He has already worked at stations:

– Rádio Bandeirantes FM of Araraquara in 1986.

– Rádio Bandeirantes FM of São Paulo in 1987.

– Rádio Bandeirantes FM of São José dos Campos in 1987.

– Rádio Educadora FM of Campinas in 1988.

– Rádio Tribuna FM of Santos in 1989.

– Rádio Metropolitana FM of São Paulo in 1989.

– Rádio Transamérica FM of São Paulo in 1995.

– Rádio Nativa FM of São Paulo in 1997.

– Rádio Jovem Pan 2 FM of São Paulo in 1998.

– Rádio Energia 97 FM of São Paulo from 1999 to present.

Apart from these radio stations, he also worked at radios 94 FM of

Pindamonhangaba and Radio Gazeta AM, where he broadcasted sports.

​He also narrated, at Rádio Metropolitana FM, the complete 1992 season of Formula 1 and the 1994 World Cup.

​He records spots for Radio and TV, among which:
​Kaiser (Marcos Palmeira), Skol, Brahma, Antarctica, Ford (For one year in the campaign of the animals), Gatorade (Kaká), Coca-Cola (Campaign “who was the best,​ Maradona or Biro Biro”), and many others.​

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