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Working in the area for 30 years, Bernardo Hanssen has always been an aficionado of audio, sound design, acoustics, sound systems and related subjects.
After working as broadcaster at stations like Itapema, Cultura, Atlântida (local and network), Bandeirantes, TV Gaúcha (RBS) (In Rio Grande do Sul); and Scala, Rádio USP, Manchete, Eldorado FM, Trianon (in São Paulo), he is now dedicated to advertising, promotional, institutional, motivational, didactic broadcasting, etc…
He produced recordings for brands like Rolex, TIM, Phillips, Itaú Personnalité, C&A, Unimed, J&J, Volkswagen, TAM and Kaiser, among others.
Since at least 15 years, he has also been working in electoral campaigns for candidacies of different party coalitions and “dot gov” advertising, with regional and nationwide propagation.
Adult urban masculine voice in Portuguese (BR) – neutral accent.

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