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Alberico Sobreira started his career as advertising broadcaster in 1995, and from this year on his voice is heard not only in radio and TV commercials, but also in documentaries and business videos.
In 1997, he took the post of host of TV Program Profissão Empresário (Profession Businessman) at TV FUTURA, where he remained for 2 years, and in 2001 became the host of SIGA BEM CAMINHONEIRO (GODSPEED YOU, TRUCK DRIVER), a program whose name was changed to BRASIL CAMINHONEIRO (TRUCK DRIVER BRAZIL) in Nov/2009, aired by SBT every Sunday, at 7am.
At the same time, his work as actor also begun to appear in various advertising campaigns and institutional films.
He played roles as actor/singer for over 10 years in GRUPO JUKEBOX, performing in events and in the theater circuit the show A VOZ DA TV (THE VOICE OF TV), a musical based on jingles and old series.
Gifted with great vocal versatility, he is also standard broadcaster of channel HBO FAMILY since 2003.

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  • Locuções Caricatas

    Client: Federação Brasileira de Ioiô, Diário de São Paulo, Oral-B, Dr.Bibancos, Trecho caricato livre, Locaweb

    Agency: Famiglia, DM9, Fala

    Audio Producer: Timbre

  • Locuções Coloquiais

    Client: Mitsubishi Motors, Ministério da Saúde, Fluimucil, Tintas Universo

    Agency: Africa, Agnelo Pacheco, Salles, RS

    Audio Producer: Timbre, Loud, Plug-In

  • Locuções Institucionais

    Client: Grupo Ikesaki, Renault, Fundação Bunge, Petrobrás

    Agency: Diversas

    Audio Producer: Videoimagem, Timbre, TV1, Cobram

  • Locuções Promocionais

    Client: BRA, Editora Abril - VEJA, Ponto Frio, Philips

    Agency: E/OU, DM9

    Audio Producer: RL MIX, Osso Filmes, Friends, Estúdio Mellancia

  • Locuções Clássicas

    Client: Philips, Jornal Agora, Camil, Colégio São Luis, Telefonica, Baked Potato

    Agency: DM9, W/Brasil, Etna, Loducca

    Audio Producer: A Toca, Timbre, Estúdio Mellancia, MCR, Plug-In

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