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  • Clara Rocha
  • claracrds@yahoo.com.br
  • 11 99567 8581

Voiceover artist, actress, singer and speech therapist.

With many years of training and vocal study, Clara Rocha stands out for the technical and expressive mastery of her voice, versatility for different types of speech – classical, natural and comedic – always valuing/highlighting the interpretation of the text.

Her repertoire includes: institutional voiceovers; spots; IVRs; films for TV and Social Media; work for large companies and brands such as Carrefour, Boticário, Calcitran, Greygoose, Americanas, Danone, Natura, Localiza, GE, Kalunga, Shopping Villa Lobos, Brastemp, among many others.

Clara speaks in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
She narrates documentaries for channels, like Discovery and TLC, records audiobooks, does dubbings and has experience as a Master of Ceremonies. For over 10 years she has also provided vocal preparation for professional spoken and singing work.

She is an agile and accessible professional, delivering material with efficiency, speed and quality, recording in a home studio with excellent quality where it is possible to follow the recordings remotely.

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  • Repertório Institucional

    Client: Coca Cola FEMSA, Danone Nutrícia, CleanLabel, Vegan by Needs, ABEGÁS, Odontoprev

    Agency: RPMA, Loures Consultoria, Casulo, Capuccino Digital

    Audio Producer: RPMA, Loures, Sobrado.tv, Eng9

  • Repertório Espanhol

    Client: PetMed, Colchon Pérola Negra, BockInsectos

    Agency: Publica

    Audio Producer: Som da Casa

  • Repertório Inglês

    Client: Petmed, Greygoose

    Agency: PetMed, Ginga

    Audio Producer: PetMed, Katana

  • Repertório Jovem e Varejo

    Client: Coca Cola FEMSA, Kalunga, Carrefour, AGO Jeep

    Agency: RPMA, 11I21, Kalunga, Cliente

    Audio Producer: RPMA, Silence, Kalunga, Ultrassom

  • Repertório Narração

    Client: Discovery e TLC

    Agency: Discovery Brasil

    Audio Producer: Tempo Filmes

  • Repertório URA e espera telefônica

    Client: Kalunga, Cia. aérea e viação 1001

    Agency: Eng9, Grupo JCA

    Audio Producer: Eng9, Grupo JCA

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