Requirements for new members admission

How to Become an Associate Member

Clube da Voz (Club of the Voice) is always receptive to new membership submissions. In order to be admitted as an associate, the candidate must:

  1. Present the broadcaster’s or actor’s registration issued by Delegacia Regional do Trabalho ( D.R.T.)
  2. Send a Résumé.
  3. Present 24 (twenty-four) jobs: Commercials carried out on Radio or TV in the last 24 months, broadcasted nationwide or within the Rio-São Paulo area, or Institutional Videos for internal or internet broadcasting. Commercials produced in radio or TV stations will not be accepted. Only commercials produced in audio or video producers are eligible.
  4. Send the technical sheet of each Commercial or Institutional Video, informing the producer’s name, advertising agency, title of the advertisement, type of broadcasting media (Radio, TV, Internet, Internal Media), date of production and name of the advertisement piece’s director. The identification, in writing, of each broadcasting: client, title, agency, image producer, sound producer and approximate date of the piece’s airing are indispensable.
  5. Be introduced, in writing, by a member of Clube da Voz. Such introducing presupposes a profound knowledge of the job and of the candidate’s attitude towards the market.
  6. Have the material analyzed and approved by the absolute majority of the board of directors of Clube da Voz by the occasion of the first board of directors’ meeting following the delivery of the material.
  7. Once approved, the new associate member must pay a registration fee, as well as contribute to the maintenance and administration on a monthly basis. The amounts will be informed after the approval.

On how the candidate is analyzed

The analysis is focused on 3 (three) aspects: voice-over, professional condition, and the candidate’s attitude towards the market.


  1. The candidate will receive an email containing the result of the submission. No information will be provided by telephone.
  2. The approved candidate will be invited to attend an introductory meeting with members of the board of directors.
  3. Unsuccessful candidates will be able to request a new membership association after 1 (one) year from the first request and at most on a maximum of 3 (three) opportunities altogether.
  4. No material shall be analyzed if any of the requisites is not fulfilled.